Will safety be restored at the Bloomington Farmers Market?

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – The Bloomington Farmers Market is back this weekend after a two week suspension. The city temporarily shut it down after a vendor’s alleged ties to white supremacy sparked protesters and threats. Now, the city is implementing the new safety measures on Saturday.

Some of the safety improvements include security cameras, street closures, and increased police presence.

We asked Bloomington vendor Katie Zuckof if she thinks the new measures will help people feel safe at the market.

“I feel like I can’t comment on that because I haven’t experienced it yet,” said Zuckof. “It’s a choice to feel safe and that’s what I’m choosing."

She hopes others make that same choice.

“I have spoken with a lot of vendors and I do believe the majority of vendors will be there tomorrow,” said Zuckof.

As someone who protested at the Farmers Market before the temporary shut down, Sam Wilhelm is happy the city made safety improvements.

“I care about Bloomington and I care about the people in it and I want them to be safe,” said Wilhelm. We asked if she thought it would help bring up attendance at the market.

“I hope it does, I think it helps the protesters especially,” said Wilhelm.

New signage will clearly indicate areas designated for protesting and publicize market rules.

“We don’t want to seed our public to hate and anger, the market is for everybody. It’s for the whole community,” said Zuckof.

For the past two weeks, Zuckof has been selling her products in the parking lot of Bloomingfoods. It has always been open for vendors but during the shutdown, the store welcomed more.

Though she appreciated this opportunity, Zuckof is looking forward to going back to the original Bloomington Farmers Market this week.

“I’ll try to be back as soon as I can," said Wilhelm.

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