Irvington neighbors concerned after elderly man robbed, beaten during home invasion

IRVINGTON, Ind. – A home invasion robbery in the middle of the day sent an elderly man to the hospital, and now neighbors in Irvington are on high alert.

The robbery and assault happened inside a duplex Monday on North Catherwood Avenue.

According to the police report, a man in his 70s was attacked with a crowbar while inside his home.

The victim told police the robber entered through an unlocked door and demanded cash.

He said he was struck with a weapon multiple times; causing lacerations, swelling, and bleeding.

"He’s a good neighbor. Like I said, I knew he had health problems anyways, then to have this happen was a blow to the neighborhood," said neighbor Paul Huffington.

The victim described his attacker as a white male with black and gray hair and glasses.

He says the robber got away with about $450.

"Like, why would somebody just walk into his house and beat him up like that?" said neighbor David Huffington.

David is Paul's son and lives three houses down from the victim.

"Makes me feel concerned for my neighbors, my son, and my family. My dad lives two houses down. We all communicated quickly on what’s going on. We’re on high alert now," David said.

David’s father feels the same way.

"That’s what really gets to me. That really hits home. The safety of my grandson and my son and his family," Paul said.

The Huffington family says they will start paying more attention to the neighborhood.

"We’ve had stuff go missing from the cars and stuff like that. This is just on a whole different level to remind us we always have to be on high alert," said David.

Their neighbor is expected to be okay, but they never want anyone else to be attacked.

"They prey on the weak. They prey on the elderly it seems like. It’s pretty sad really that they would do that," Paul said.

If you have any information on the robbery call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS (8477).

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