‘I owe everybody’: Muncie cop moonlights as Tae Kwon Do Grandmaster

MUNCIE, Ind. – Officer Kyle Temple has spent 20 years saving others as a cop and 30 more years helping them learn how to defend themselves. How so? He's a Tae Kwon Do Grandmaster.

Temple began studying the martial art in 1991.He began teaching it two years later.

“I was the kid who just got into trouble, needed some guidance," Temple said, paying homage to the Grandmasters who took him under their wing. "I just kind of feel like I owe, like I owe everybody.”

He volunteers all of his classes at the Buley Center in Muncie. It's the same spot where he first learned his skills.

“I tested [for his black belt] here in this very gym," Temple said. "It's had many coats of paint since then."

Temple said some of his earliest Grandmasters were in law enforcement, which led him to join them on the force. He is currently a 7th Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do Grandmaster. His children currently share his passion and are all black belts as well.

“My kids are also in here, they teach with me,” Temple joked. "They started up in car seats and diapers, and raised through the ranks."

At his age, sometimes Temple thinks about retiring from teaching, but said his Grandmasters never retired on him, so he can't stop passing on the technique to countless others.

“Oh I don’t know," Temple smiled when asked about how many people he's taught over the decades. "I would say several hundred easy. I'm probably close to 1,000.”

His teachings range from self-defense to couples defense. He teaches lovebirds how to defend themselves from an attacker while out on a date. It can be as simple as how to hold hands strategically, or how to defend someone grabbing you. He showed us a quick move or two as well, just check out the video of our story above.

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