Health department investigates several complaints at west side apartment complex

Data pix.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Several complaints have been investigated by the Marion County Health Department this year at a west side apartment complex. So far, the agency has issued 15 repair orders for Mariners Village Apartments in 2019. Seven cases are still pending.

Maritza DeJesus says she filed a complaint with the health department in June about mold coming through her A/C unit. According to public documents, her case is already closed.

She said new management came in and fixed the problem after she filed the complaint.

"The pipe was not connected right," she said. "It fell and the water started running down."

She said the problem lasted for several months until it was finally fixed. She was not surprised to hear there are several cases pending with the Marion County Health Department.

"Everybody that talked to me, it was the same thing I was going through," she said.

After an investigation at a neighboring apartment in July, the health department said the fridge and walls needed repair, steps in the living room were deteriorating and the stove also needed to be repaired or replaced. DeJesus is wondering if she should renew her lease.

In a letter sent to the property owner, the health department said failure to correct these violations could result in court action and fines up to $2,500 and costs may result.

Curt Brantingham, spokesperson for the Marion County Health Department, said going to court is their final tool to achieve compliance. So far this year, he said they have sent two cases to court.

"It is up to the owner of the property to help them," DeJesus said.

Rutherford Mitchem also lives at this apartment complex. Right now, he is having problems with water dripping from his A/C unit. He said it started more than a month ago and it still is not fixed even though he's notified the complex several times.

"I tried to clean up the best I can but with all the work orders and everything, it is kind of hard because nobody wants to help," he said.

He's so frustrated about the mold now growing in his ceiling that he said he did not pay rent this month.

"I think that is wrong," he said. "You guys want my money every month but you guys do not want to do any of your work orders.”

The apartment complex said they are aware of the seven open cases. An employee told CBS4 only two cases are currently occupied units. She said they have always fully cooperated with the Marion County Health Department and will have all repairs completed by the deadline. The complex also said their standards were not being met, so they recently brought in new maintenance and management.

"Major improvements and repairs are happening there daily. Again, we do maintain a good working relationship with Marion County Health Department to meet all of our deadlines."

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