Smash-and-crash caught on camera lands 2 Indy teens behind bars

Data pix.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- An early morning smash-and-grab ended with two teens finding themselves behind bars. Police say the suspects tried to steal a car from a dealership on Indy’s west side before crashing during their getaway.

“You can actually see on video the door moving and all of a sudden it flew off and it hit the wall,” said dealership owner Andrew Bunten.

Surveillance video shows a pair of thieves kick their way inside Bunten's car dealership on West Washington Street early Wednesday morning.

“After they came in, I think they saw the key box which is locked, but they pried it open. They reached in and grabbed one key,” said Bunten.

After grabbing the key, Andrew says the young crooks searched his entire lot at Capital City Transit for several minutes, until they realized the key belonged to a Ford transport van.

Because the business entrances are blocked at night, Andrew was watching video in real time as the suspects drove around looking for a way out, until they hit the gas and slammed into the building next door.

“This one was a little strange because they tried to drive through a fence and ended up in the side of a building,” said Bunten.

The crash did some structural damage to the basement wall of neighboring building and police arrested a 14-year-old and 16-year-old on scene, but a closer look at the video shows a third suspect also ran away during the break-in.

“I think he realized what was going on and chickened out and took off. He got smart, let’s put it that way,” said Bunten.

Andrew says the damaged van belongs to a customer and as a parent himself, he hopes the smash-and-crash is a reminder to all parents to keep a watchful an eye on their kids.

“They’re old enough to know better, but I think it’s a lack of people involved teaching them to know better,” said Bunten. “I think that’s a key, staying involved whether you’re a parent or not. We all have influence on young kids at some point.”

Because the two suspects are underage we’re not releasing their names, but police reports show the 14-year-old did have an active warrant from an unrelated crime.

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