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Greenwood residents frustrated over feral cats that have taken over neighborhood

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GREENWOOD, Ind. – Some homeowners in Greenwood Estates are frustrated after dozens of feral cats took over their neighborhood.

“Right here you can see,” one woman said. “This is all from them peeing on my porch. I’ve had to scrub it.”

The woman - who didn’t want to be identified fearing her neighbors would retaliate - told CBS4 News the cats have damaged her home.

“These are for their scratch posts,” she said pointing to her porch railings. “This is where they’ve – gross – thrown up and I can’t get it off. I’ve scraped and scraped.”

She showed us around the property, pointing out damage to her paint, underpinning and garden. She mentioned the feces laying in the front yard and the constant smell around her house.

“It’s disgusting,” she said.

Johnson County Animal Control Officer Aeriel Tennell confirmed that she has been out to Greenwood Estates more than 20 times. In the past, she has caught 10 cats and released four as part of the county’s “Trap, Neuter, Release” program. Tennell said, though, that she has run into problems trying to contain the cat problem along US 31.

“I have had a couple traps tampered with. I have had a couple traps where debris was put inside of them so that we can’t even do our job when I go out there,” she explained. “I have noticed the covers ripped off and put inside of it. The kibble is half way eaten but there is no cat inside.”

Tennell said Greenwood Estates residents have put bricks in the traps, 2x4s and other debris to prevent her from trapping and taking the cats away.

“It is highly frustrating,” she admitted.

Tennell believes people are misinformed about the TNR program.

“I am doing the best I can with what I have. The backfire I am receiving from individuals around there is really tampering with what we’re trying to do there. Hopefully, management and everyone else will get on board and we can work together to solve this problem,” she said.

CBS4 got in touch with RHP Properties, who manages Greenwood Estates. The regional manager was unaware the situation was so severe. Tennell talked to him, too.

“Not at first,” Tennell said. “But once I explained everything to him, and I did send him pictures, he was highly upset that this problem was going on.”

Tennell said the manager apologized for the residents that were making the TNR program difficult.

RHP Properties sent CBS4 a statement:

“The safety and well-being of our residents is our top priority.

We routinely work with Johnson County Animal Control to safely collect any stray cats that may be in the community. These cats are then spayed or neutered. We are working with local animal shelters and the Humane Society to coordinate possible adoption opportunities for these cats.

We have addressed any repairs requested by residents that may have been caused by cats or other animals.

Residents are urged to report any stray cats to the community office. We thank our residents for their cooperation.”

The CBS4 Problem Solvers followed up with at least one Greenwood Estates resident to see what kind of repairs management had covered. She said they pressure washed her mobile home and promised to fix her underpinning. RHP Properties had also mentioned possibly reimbursing her for any cat-related damage to her car.

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