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Students set to return 1 month after tornado damages Beech Grove High School

BEECH GROVE, Ind. – About $9 million has been poured into Beech Grove High School after a tornado came through in June and damaged dozens of classrooms.

Vendors and faculty have been working over time trying to get the school ready for the first day of school Wednesday.

Superintendent Paul Kaiser won’t underestimate the power of Mother Nature again.

“The level of the tornado was on the low end but yet the amount destruction it placed on the school and community was devastating,” Beech Grove City Schools Superintendent Paul Kaiser said.

When the tornado came through in June, dozens of classrooms were ruined. Classrooms for their Science Academy and Enrichment Academy saw the most damage.

“It was all brand new. It was something real nice and fancy for our kids to be a part of. For all of that to get ripped up wasn’t our favorite,” teacher Gabriella Fangman said.

Today those rooms are a lot cleaner, but they still aren’t ready for students.

On Wednesday, the classes will be held in another area of the building and teachers from the science academy will be sharing rooms.

“There was no illusion that all have the classrooms were going to be perfect come the first day of school,” Fangman said.

Kaiser says $4 million has been dedicated to roof repairs alone, but everyone is rolling with the punches.

He expects see some of the closed classrooms back open by the end of the first semester.

“Failure is not an option. We knew we were going to start school on July 31st no matter what,” Superintendent Kaiser said.

Superintendent Kaiser asks parents and students to be patient for the first day of school. The Churchman avenue entrance will be closed and you’ll have to enter through Hornet avenue.

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