Low humidity and high sunshine for the week

Data pix.

It took a while but skies finally began to clear late Monday afternoon.  Along with clearing skies, dew point temperatures are dropping throughout central Indiana.

Dew points will eventually make it to the lower/middle 50°s by Tuesday morning.

The combination of clear skies, lower dew points and high pressure moving in will allow temperatures to drop levels not felt in over a month.  (Indianapolis last dropped in to the 50°s on June 21, 2019.)

Forecast low temperature Tuesday morning.

Forecast low temperature Tuesday morning.

With temperatures this low you should be able to turn off the air conditioning and open the windows!


We are going to have a nice stretch of lower humidity, by July standards, for the next several days.  When the dew point reaches 60° it begins to feel uncomfortable.  Through Thursday dew point temperatures are forecast to be in the middle to upper 50°s.

Dew points that low are not very common for this time of year in central Indiana.  I went back and looked at hourly dew point data for the last 77 years in Indianapolis.  Over that time only 14 years had dew point remain 59° or less July 23-25, or 18% of the years.  The last time we had that happen was 2014.


Lots of sunshine, relatively low humidity and southwesterly winds will allow temperatures to jump back to around 90° for the weekend in to the beginning of next week.  While the humidity won't be too bad, it will begin to increase - dew points climbing in to the lower/middle 60°s for the weekend and upper 60°s for next Monday.  That will send the heat index back in to the lower 90°s.

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