Softball players taking precautions during extensive eat advisory

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– The hot weather is an added challenge for softball players in the Central Region Junior Softball Tournament.

“It’s going to be hot obviously, but you just got to stay cool, drink water, and use cooling towels. Whatever you got to do to stay safe and stay cool,” Missouri softball player Nevaeh Ballenger said.

Safety is the number one goal here at the tournament.

Assistant tournament director Don Mason says they’ve taken every precaution to keep players hydrated.

“We will be running two diamonds. We will have fresh ice water in every dugout for the players to stay hydrated and the coaches. We will be supplying water to our umpires too,” Mason said.

The Zionsville Eagles are the only Indiana team in the tournament.

All the players say it’s an honor to even make it here.

“We are all excited to play. This is like a once in a lifetime opportunity and a lot of girls don’t get to do this and we’re just here to have fun and play some softball,” Ballenger said.

It’s unfortunate they’ll have to do what they love during an excessive heat advisory, but it comes with the territory of being a softball player.

“We may as a tournament committee decide during the game that we need to take a five or ten minute break just to let the kids get some refreshments and get out of the sun for a few minutes,” Mason said.

All of the teams want to be the winner, but at the end of the day they want everyone to be safe.

The tournament’s assistant director says if they can get through tomorrow, Sunday and Monday should be more pleasant.

The winner of this tournament will go on to compete in the junior world series in Washington.

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