IEMS warns Hoosiers to take caution during extreme heat

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – One of the most popular flavors right now at Brics ice cream in Tarkington Park is dairy free, sugar free and calorie free. Not to mention, it comes with free refills.

That item? A cup of ice.

“A lot of people will be like ‘can I get a cup of ice?’ and I’m like ‘sure, do you want water with it?’ And they go ‘no… just the ice,’” said Brics employee Cody Coffey.

In fact, Coffey had just come back from the Dollar General store across the street. She went there to buy more bags of ice because they couldn’t keep up with demand.

Just outside their door, families packed into the splash park to cool off.

“If it’s hot outside, it’s hot in the house, so we gotta come outside to enjoy something,” said Taiveon Taylor who was out enjoying the water with his family.

While the splash park was packed, the rest of the park wasn’t. After all, the surface temperature on the metal slide clocked in at 136.4 degrees.

The ground wasn’t much better. While it was around 91 degrees in the shade, the pavement in the sun was 127 degrees. The surface temperature of the cushioned rubber playground was 136 degrees.

Indianapolis EMS has already received a burn call from pavement this week

“One of our medics got a call to a hotel, and on the patio someone had stepped out and the surface was so hot they burned the bottom of their foot,” said Amber Michaels, District Lieutenant for IEMS.

On average during the summer, IEMS gets about one heat-related call a day, but right now they average about three a day.

While heat stroke and cardiac arrest aren’t the usual suspects, they warn this weekend isn’t the usual heat.

“I mean, I would say it’s uncommon on a day to day, but it’s not going to be uncommon for this weekend,” Michaels said

As IEMS prepares for the worst, they hope you prepare too.

Stay inside, somewhere cool, this weekend if you can, but if you do have to be outside, drink plenty of water, stay under the shade and if you begin to feel nauseous or dizzy, find somewhere cool and get plenty of water, and if need be, call 911.

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