State trooper stops truck going 105 mph; administers life-saving first aid to passenger

File photo

MADISON COUNTY, Ind. — A state trooper pulled over a truck going 105 mph in Madison County and administered life-saving first aid to a passenger who was bleeding from their neck, Indiana State Police say.

Shortly before 8:30 a.m. on July 4, police say a trooper was headed southbound on SR 37 when a truck passed him from behind going 105 mph with its blinkers on.

The trooper was able to catch up to the truck and stop it near CR 1400 N.

As the two vehicles pulled over to the side of the road, the driver of the truck bailed from his vehicle and ran to the trooper while yelling that his friend was dying, according to ISP.

The trooper grabbed his first aid kit and ran to the truck, where he found an Elwood man in his 20s holding a shop towel to his neck. When the man removed the towel, the trooper saw he was bleeding from a four-inch gash in his neck that appeared to have just barely missed an artery.

State police say the trooper quickly called for an ambulance before using gauze to pack the wound and apply direct pressure.

When responders arrived, the bleeding had stopped. The man, who later called to thank the trooper, was taken to the hospital and released the next day, according to ISP.

Police later discovered the man was injured while working with friends to renovate the nearby, unoccupied Duck Creek School. The man said he was removing a mirror from a wall when it broke, which sent a shard of glass into his neck, causing the gash.

The trooper credits his training and issued first aid equipment for the successful treatment. State police say every trooper is trained annually in tactical medical first aid and is issued a trauma first aid kit, along with a tourniquet.

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