Butler-Tarkington prowler leaves residents uneasy

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — One neighbor on the north side is telling others to lock their doors after he caught someone lurking on his property.

“We’ve lived here in this home for about four years, and we’ve never really had a problem on our property before,” says homeowner, Mike Dorwart.

That quickly changed on June 22 for the Dorwart family who lives in a quiet pocket in the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood. The prowler was captured on their Ring Doorbell camera on their back patio.

“We woke up in the middle of the night about a week and a half ago and noticed that this prowler was on our backstep looking around with a flashlight which was concerning,” said Dorwart.

But they didn’t get the alert until an hour later. Three days later on June 25, the same prowler returned. This time Dorwart got the alert instantly and quickly sprang into action by calling the police. As he went to his front porch to wait for the police, the unthinkable happened.

“Though I was not waiting for the perpetrator, I was waiting for the police. Unfortunately, it was the perpetrator who got there first,” said Dorwart.

While on the front porch, the prowler returned with a friend, and they began walking down the driveway towards the back patio of Dorwart's home. He yelled at them to scare them off, but they slowly walked away.

“My instinct was to get this man away from my house. And I probably would not advise it, but that’s what I did,” said Dorwart.

While following the prowler, he called the police again to let them know he was attempting to pursue the suspect. They caught up with him and began to interrogate him, but police didn't arrest him because he did not steal anything.

"It frightens you even though you know probably he was just there to steal something. It's unnerving, and you have a wife and child in the home. It’s not right for someone to make you unsettled in your home like that. You lose sleep over it quite literally. It’s aggravating it’s angering," he said.

Dorwart believes he was trying to steal a television at the back of the home. He says if it wasn’t for his Ring Doorbell cameras, he wouldn’t have known someone was trespassing on his property.

"It definitively helped us and our family in this moment. I would highly recommend them," said Dorwart.

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