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Another round of storms leaves damage on Indy’s east side

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Another round of storms threatened central Indiana on Sunday, bringing heavy winds and rain to the area—this time near the Jeffersonian Apartments on the east side of the city.

“Sounded like a train moved through. I heard all this snapping and twisting. I thought the whole tree was coming down,” said Royce Townsend as he walked around to survey the damage.

Another resident just doors down had a tree uprooted outside his window. “My sister and I were sitting here talking, and all of a sudden here comes the wind and the rain. Then all of a sudden the tree goes. It scared my sister to death,” said Gary Smith.

Another resident said she watched from her upstairs window, not knowing the destruction the storm brought to the front of her apartment complex. “It was dark in the cloud and the only thing you heard was the wind just whistle. And the power keeps coming on and off. Then everything just started blowing,” said Stephanie.

The strong winds left broken limbs left scattered surrounding cars, parking lots, and apartments. Some residents say the limbs are to blame for leaving an outside rearview mirror dangling.

“Thank God it didn’t hit none of our cars back here,” said Stephanie.

Management quickly arrived to call crews to clean up some damage left behind. Six pillars from an awning at one apartment building came crashing down, leaving the roof sagging and neighbors concerned.

Smith says his biggest concern, “that roof coming down and trapping those people inside there.”

For those on the second floor, there’s only one way in and one way out. “They don’t have any access from the balconies to the ground like we do on the first floor, we got the patios so we can get out,” said Smith.

Crews began working with hopes to get the pillars back up and the building secure. Residents say they aren’t surprised but rather lucky it did not cause any major damage.

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