Hispanic church in Indy falls victim to thief who ransacked kitchen, stole electronics

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A church on the east side of Indianapolis fell victim to a smash and grab break-in this week.

The outside of the small church doesn’t have any fancy security systems, nor is there much valuable property inside the building. That’s why church leaders say they’re disappointed someone would break in and steal what little they do have.

“I feel really, I don’t know if it’s mad, upset or disappointed. It’s a mixture of emotions,” said Kimberly Hernandez.

Propped up with boards, a folding chair covers a window that was broken by the thief, who smashed the glass and unlocked an adjacent door to sneak inside.

Kimberly Hernandez and her mother help maintain the Hispanic church near Sherman and English. After the break-in, Kimberly’s mom found two refrigerators emptied and some of the food tossed on the floor.

“The kitchen was a mess. There was food all over, milk, juice, water or you name it,” said Hernandez.

After ransacking the kitchen, the burglar came to the sanctuary and stole some wireless microphones. Each are worth hundreds of dollars and are perhaps the most valuable items inside the building.

“Even though we don’t have anything, we worked so hard to buy those microphones and make the food to obtain whatever we have in there. So to have people steal it, that’s not fair,” said Hernandez.

The small congregation at Iglesia Del Dios Vivo, which means Church of the Living God, last met on Sunday, so it’s not clear exactly what day this week the break-in took place.

Still, Kimberly thinks it’s sad anytime crooks target churches, no matter their size.

“This is very disappointing,” said Hernandez. “Why do people aim at churches when churches are there to help people?”

Neither police nor church leaders were able to provide any sort of description on the suspect, but as always anyone with information on the case can contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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