Expectant Indy mother loses baby clothes, gifts after burglars bust through garage

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A pair of east side school teachers are expecting their third child, but are now without much of their baby clothes.

A burglar smashed through their garage and stole bikes, baby clothes and their son’s birthday gifts.

“I’m in my last trimester. I’m 30 days to go now, we are back to square one as far as what are we gonna do,” Jocelyn Minerve said of her family’s situation.

Jocelyn and her husband Ian live near Christian Park. They noticed the massive hole in their garage after they saw an air condition unit in their backyard. The garage had, what they assume, are their neighbor’s tools around it. Nearby home owners said their garages were hit too, and the Minerve’s believe those are their items.

“Not only are you a thief, you’re an idiot, because you could have gone through the window, could have gone through the door,” Ian said of his destroyed garage wall.

The burglars made off with baby clothes, bikes, sports equipment, and hand-me-downs from their other two children. The family planned to use the clothes for their newborn when he got older. Some of the items stolen were from their son’s recent birthday.

“[He has] not a clue, and we are going to do our best to curb that with gifts he already has,” Ian said of his son’s knowledge of the thefts.

The family was hit a total of three times over the course of a few days. The burglars started with their cars, moved to the garage, and ended at their shed. On Monday, the family saw two people riding their bikes and called the cops.

“There’s two people frolicking around on bikes, if you can frolic on a bike,” Jocelyn said.

The Minerve’s said the adults told police they bought the bikes from someone nearby. Police are still searching for suspects.

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