Grant County roadways open as homeowners assess tornado damage

Data pix.

GRANT COUNTY, Ind — Cleanup continues outside of Jalapa as homeowners assess damages following Monday’s devastating EF-2 tornado that destroyed multiple homes and structures.

Neighbors said the tornado came through so fast that some people could barely get to their safe spots. They told of one father who jumped on his son at the last minute as the two road out the storm on the floor. His home is a complete loss. Debbie Carter lives next door to them on 600 North. Her home was totaled as well.

The Grant County Emergency Management Agency said three homes in the area are gone. The National Weather Service estimated that winds may have reached up to 125 mph.

“It’s not my time to die, or I would have died,” Carter said. “I don’t know what will be tomorrow. I’m just glad my niece wasn’t injured. I’m glad they’re all alive, and we’ll be okay.”

Power crews blocked off nearby 700 West for much of Tuesday as they worked on three power poles. The continued thunderstorms Tuesday night only made cleanup harder. On that road, a barn was destroyed as well as a silo. The two structures sit within a direct path from Carter’s home. Between the two locations is a field covered in debris, like a trail of breadcrumbs left by the tornado to mark its path.

“I didn’t have any time to get anything else, and if I would have taken any time, it wouldn’t have been good,” Carter said. “It just happened so fast! I mean, 30 seconds, I couldn’t even tell you, just so fast.”

The tornado is the latest blow to Indiana farmers. With the wet spring, Carter’s family and friends said they have yet to plant, adding that they are usually done planting by this time of the year. Instead, they can barely get a truck in the field.

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