Brownsburg family sleeps through armed burglary

BROWNSBURG, Ind. -- We can't always tell what goes bump in the night, but at times, those noises may be best left unheard.

A Brownsburg mother and her one-year-old daughter now know the feeling, as they slept through the night while armed burglars broke in a floor below.

“At this point, she just doesn’t want to talk about it," Jon Curtis said of his wife Mickell. "She feels sick. She feels ill. She feels violated.”

Jon had been away on business when the two crooks cut through a window screen and opened a cracked window. Mickell was asleep upstairs, as well as their daughter Maddie and their three dogs. When one burglar made it in, he opened the slider and allowed a second burglar to enter their Long Branch Drive home.

The pair rummaged around and grabbed several computers, a guitar, an XBOX and some speakers.

“At this point, the dogs upstairs are starting to make some noise," Jon said watching surveillance video. “This is where the gun gets drawn. They think someone is coming down the stairs.”

Lucky for the family, the two crooks never went upstairs. The family didn't realize anything was wrong until Mickell discovered that her work laptop was missing and checked their surveillance footage. She had heard on social media that two people may have been scoping out houses the night before.

“She ran out of the house to the neighbor's house and was just crying," Jon said. "At the end of the day, it’s another family safe [that's] all we can ask for.”

The family said tips are rapidly coming in on social media. If you have any information, the Hendricks County Sheriff’s office asks that you bring it to them instead of sharing it online.

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