Basketball rims cause controversy at Martinsville park

MARTINSVILLE, Ind. — A Martinsville park decided to beat troublemakers at their own game. Officials at Jimmy Nash City Park removed all the rims off all six basketball hoops.

“We took down the rims. We took them down for two days because it did generate attention,” said Martinsville Parks and Recreation President Melanie Foley.

Foley says there have been way too many complaints about trash, noise, profanity and vandalism. Park goers and neighbors report that all the problems center around the basketball courts.

“Not only do the neighbors around the park want to be good neighbors, but we want to be good neighbors to them too because it is their homes, and they want to enjoy their backyards,” said Foley.

The rimless backboards received a lot of backlash; parents wanting a safe place for their kids to play and kids just wanting their hangout spot back.

“We understood it, but we were definitely upset. You should respect the park’s orders and not litter and keep the cussing and music and all that down,” said Marcus, a basketball player.

This isn’t the first time these courts have been a problem spot. The rims have been taken down before, and officials even demanded an apology note from some troublemakers in the past.

Foley admits removing the rims was an informal decision, and it should’ve been discussed a little more, which is why the rims were only down for a couple days.

“We kind of thought, ‘Good, it got their attention. Let’s put them back up and now let’s have the discussion that needs to be had about how we take care of things and accountability,’” said Foley.

Park officials and basketball players hope the quick timeout is a game changer.

“Just stop it so we can play some basketball. Just no point in doing it,” said Marcus.

The topics will be discussed at the board’s meeting next month.

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