Indy woman robbed and carjacked by escaped inmate only 5 months apart

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Sometimes people can find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. For 22-year-old Meredith Schmitt, it’s happened twice in five months.

Meredith Schmitt was robbed at gunpoint in December and she was the woman we first told you about Wednesday. She was carjacked by Kollin Triggs, an escaped jail inmate.

Triggs escaped from a Marion County sheriff’s deputy at the jail while being transported to Boone County for warrants.

"I saw handcuffs on his hand and was like this is really weird.  Like was he in the middle of getting arrested or what happened?" Meredith Schmitt said.

Meredith was sitting in a parking lot off Pearl Street and about to get out when she saw Triggs sprinting towards her.

"I tried to lock my doors. I kept saying ‘no, no, no,’ trying to lock my doors. I didn’t lock them in time," Schmitt said.

Triggs jumped in the passenger seat and told her to drive.

"I’m like ‘oh my God! I’m going to die,’" Schmitt said.

Meredith says she drove a little until Triggs told her to stop and get out.

"He’s halfway over on my middle console getting in my spot. He grabs my backpack from behind my seat, throws it at me, and pushes me out of the car and takes off," Schmitt explained.

She ran and Triggs drove off.

She remembers feeling physically ill when she was being carjacked. It was a similar feeling she had in December when she was robbed at gunpoint while working at Three Dog Bakery in Broad Ripple.

"It’s still raw from five months ago. I’m still dealing with it and I’m still dealing with court things," Schmitt said.

She asks herself “why me?”

"It kind of tears you a part a little bit and questions your safety all the time. You also question a lot like whether people are after you, why me? Why am I getting chosen?" Schmitt said.

The questions don’t stop there. She wants to know how an inmate escapes from custody.

"You believe in these people to keep you safe, keep everyone else safe, and inmates safe. They’re not doing their job," Schmitt said.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office says a 20-year veteran didn’t follow protocol, which is how Triggs escaped. Meredith says her quote “unluckiness” can happen to anyone, so always be on the lookout.

"Things happen a lot and you don’t think they will happen to you, but they can. Also within a span of five months they can happen to you," Schmitt said.

Triggs is back in custody and is facing new charges; including robbery resulting in bodily injury.

Meredith got her car back but says she won’t be driving for a while.

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