Protesters, supporters clash outside NRA convention

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – While the President and Vice President spoke inside Lucas Oil Stadium, protesters marched from the Indiana Statehouse to the front gates.

While the protest was mainly peaceful, it wasn’t without some tense moments between protesters and supporters.

The few dozen protesters that gathered outside Lucas Oil began their march at the statehouse, drawing up signs, and hanging up balloons, ready to spread their message.

“I hope that we send a message that gun violence is unacceptable,” said Noah Leininger, a local coordinator for ANSWER Indiana. Leininger also said a few words to the crowd before the march began.

"We’ve got to make sure we are constantly having our presence out here in the streets," Leininger said. "When there are masses of people in the streets, they notice.”

Protesters like Leininger say they are against gun violence, not gun ownership. However, some supporters of the President and the NRA feel that protesting the NRA is the wrong way to do it.

“No gun is ever going to jump off the counter and shoot somebody," said a man wearing a "Fist Bump for Trump" t-shirt. "It’s the mentality, it's the people, and you have to deal with that.”

As the march circled back to the statehouse, protesters said they hope their demonstration will lead to action against gun violence.

“I don't want the NRA to come here into my city and make money off of my city, especially when you don’t represent me,” said protester Eric Davis.

"I think big demonstrations by large groups of people get a lot more attention from lawmakers than any amount of voting or calling into senators’ offices or things like that," Leininger said.

The protesters made their way back to the statehouse around 1 p.m.

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