Former FBI, IMPD investigators discuss how new sketch could lead to justice for Delphi teens

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The murder suspect in Delphi has a new face. After two years, Indiana State Police say the sketch of the murder suspect has completely changed.

Investigators say the new sketch more accurately depicts the face of the man responsible for the murders of Liberty German and Abigail Williams.

One former investigator with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and another with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department both agree, sketches are not an exact science, but they could still help solve the case.

“Sketches are worthwhile, but you never want to take it at 100 percent value and think they have to look exactly like the sketch, because they won’t,” said retired IMPD homicide captain, Robert Snow.

For more than two years, the murder mystery near the Monon High Bridge Trail has gone unsolved, much to the dismay of everyone in law enforcement.

“In 22 years being an FBI agent, this is one of the worst things I remember,” said former FBI investigator Doug Kouns.

Doug Kouns retired from the FBI last year. He didn’t work on the Delphi double murder and doesn’t know what information led state police to develop the new suspect sketch, showing a man who appears to be significantly younger than a sketch police released two years ago.

“I think they look like different people,” said Kouns. “What one person and sees and remembers may be different from what another person sees. It may be the same person they’re talking about, it may not be.”

“Sketches in any crime can be tricky because they’re not photographs,” said Snow.

Retired IMPD homicide captain Robert Snow also doesn’t have any inside information about the deaths of Liberty German and Abigail Williams, but says police sketches serve as a valuable tool to help generate tips.

“I have never seen sketches that look exactly like a person, again it’s not like a photo, but it can give you some suspects sometimes,” said Snow.

Regardless of why the sketches changed and why it took state police two years to release the short video of the man walking on the trail, Snow praised investigators for their hard work.

“The nice thing is state police haven’t given up. They are still working full force even after two years,” said Snow.

Police believe the suspect in the new sketch is between the ages of 18 and 40, but appears younger than his age. They also believe he is from Delphi or has visited there on a regular basis.

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