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Flooding issues leave Carmel neighborhood frustrated

CARMEL, Ind.– Rain is on the radar for Friday evening and for people living off 106th and Keystone in Carmel, that news worries them.

They say their new drainage system is causing more flooding issues in the Jordan Woodlands neighborhood.

About six months ago the city of Carmel put in a new hybrid drainage system to help with flooding issues in the neighborhood. Carmel resident Andy Kruger says homes in the low-lying areas still see high levels of water in their yard when it rains.

“There’s a neighbor right down the street who has a home theater in their basement and says they can’t even use it because their carpet is wet all the time,” said Kruger.

Kruger says in February, a heavy downpour left yards flooded. He feels like the new system isn’t living up to his expectations.

“Every time it rains I just kind of wonder how much more dirt is going to wash away and it makes it difficult for the grass to be planted to actually grow,” Kruger said.

Carmel’s Director of Engineering Jeremy Kashman says the water Kruger is seeing today is mostly sitting in the roadside ditch. Kashman says the water should be sitting there.

Homes sitting in low-lying areas are the ones seeing the most flooding.

Kashman says once the weather warms up and the rain moves out, contractors will install more drains.

“There’s a couple areas in the neighborhood that are a little bit trickier because they are very low-line; there’s not much grade change to get to the creek, so from an engineering stand point we need to make sure that everything is draining to the creek,” Kashman said.

The city is also working with Woodland Country Club to construct a retention pond on the golf course.

“A lot of that water has been running of that golf course into the neighborhood,” Kruger said.

Kashman says once the drainage project is complete and the retention pond is built in the fall, Kruger and other neighbors won’t have to worry when it rains.

He says over the last four years, the city has invested more than $25 million in storm water improvements around the city.

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