Court docs: Mother accused of neglect in death of 8-year-old girl told several conflicting stories

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.-- An Indianapolis mother accused of neglect following the shooting death of her 8-year-old daughter made a tearful first court appearance Monday.

Tiffany White openly wept in court as the judge read the charges against her, but according to court records White told police multiple stories about what led to the shooting. The evidence does not support those stories.

At the same time, the search for the girl’s father, Kendall Brye, continues.

Kendrielle Brye died from a gunshot wound to the head after being driven to a fire station by her mother. Police say the 8-year-old didn’t shoot herself inside the family home, but it’s still not clear who pulled the trigger.

“It’s just a tragic accident. Accidents happen,” said pastor Michael Searcy with New Direction Worship Center in late March.

While the Brye family pastor called the shooting an accident last month, both the pastor and family left court without comment.

The affidavit claims White first told police she was asleep in her bed when she heard the gunshots and found her daughter shot. White later claimed she was sitting in her car with her son and heard gunshots from a drive-by shooting outside the house. In a third story, prosecutors say White told police she was sitting in her car smoking marijuana and told her 3-year-old son to go inside when she heard the gunshots.

“The mother appears to be telling several different stories. She probably knows more about this case than what she’s told police, so it would be proper to charge her with criminal neglect,” said attorney Jack Crawford.

Crawford isn’t connected to the case but say a neglect charge against White isn’t surprising because prosecutors claim surveillance video recovered from the Brye house contradicts White’s stories.

Police found no evidence shots came from outside the home. Investigators also didn’t find any guns inside the home.

The surveillance video shows the mom did not run into the house after the shooting, but it does show Brye throw two guns into the trash across the street after the shooting.

A minute later, Brye could then be seen carrying his daughter outside and placing her bloody body in back of the mother’s car before she drove away.

Brye then cut off his GPS ankle monitor and disappeared.

Police also say they found cocaine on a coffee table inside the home. Both White and Brye had previous drug convictions.

“People have to be so careful with children and firearms and this case cries out for neglect when a little girl is killed,” said Crawford. “We don’t have all the facts in this case, but this is an appropriate charge. When a child dies inside the house by a gunshot, that’s neglect.”

Because Kendall Brye is still missing, police say anyone with information on his location is still asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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