16-year-old suspect charged with murder for allegedly killing another 16-year-old boy in Beech Grove

BEECH GROVE, Ind.-- A 16-year-old boy is behind bars, accused of murder following a feud that started on Snapchat. Isaiha Funez is being charged as an adult for allegedly killing another 16-year-old boy in Beech Grove.

Early Sunday morning, Beech Grove police were called after a car full of teens came under fire.

Xavier Weir, 16, died after being shot in the head.

Just minutes later another 16-year-old boy, Isaiha Funez, showed up at a hospital with a gunshot wound in his leg.

Surveillance video shows two people shoot at the victim's car which then drove into a ditch and caught fire. Police say when they showed Isaiha the video he confessed to pulling the trigger.

“It’s just sad to hear a 16-year-old took the life of another 16-year-old,” said Rev. Malachi Walker with Young Men, Inc.

According to court records, the teenage murder suspect told police his motive was that four months before the shooting Xavier had robbed Isaiha’s brother of his phone. Isaiha also claimed “Xavier had posted on Snapchat that there was $1,200 on Isaiha’s head,” if someone would hurt him, adding, “Xavier continued to post every single day on Snapchat that Isaiha was scared of him.”

“To take someone’s life is totally outrageous,” said Walker. “When people are angry and frustrated they act out quickly without thinking.”

For years, Rev. Walker has run a well-respected bootcamp for kids, helping them avoid violence by teaching them that their decisions have consequences.

That’s a lesson Walker believes could have helped prevent a social media feud between two teens from turning deadly.

“We have to teach our kids about how to make good choices and decisions when it comes to conflict resolution,” said Walker.

So far police have not arrested the second suspect seen on video taking part in the shooting. Anyone with information on the case can still contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS (8477).

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