Very warm Thursday followed by stormy night

Some areas of the Northern Plains may have to measure snow in feet.  I've already seen 9" reports out that way with hours left of snow to come.  The orange shows Blizzard Warnings where the wind is causing whiteout conditions.

In Minnesota, there were over 200 car accidents reported on Wednesday as the snow began to fall.  The tan color shows where a Wind Advisory is in place and that does include central Indiana.  Winds will be sustained 20-30 mph during the day on Thursday with gusts 45 mph or higher.  That is all happening before storms even arrive.

It's chilly enough for a jacket this morning, but you sure won't need one beyond the morning hours.  Highs are set to climb into the upper 70s with a few spots reaching that 80-degree mark for the first time this year.  It'll be very windy, but I think we'll all still enjoy that warmth!  Our average high is only in the low 60s this time of year.  Sitting behind a warm front all day will be fantastic!  We'll stay warm and dry all day until that cold front finally approaches and brings us storms tonight and then more seasonable by Friday.

The Indians' home opener is tonight and it'll be warm, windy, and rain-free.  Enjoy!

Storms roll into central Indiana after midnight and will be strong until at least 5 a.m.  Storms could linger until mid-morning east of the city, but we'll be dry by lunchtime. Friday evening looks great!

The severe threat is highest in Central and Eastern Illinois where there is a small tornado threat.

We are included in a Marginal threat for Thursday night's storms.  Wind and heavy downpours are my main concerns with hail also being possible.

The weekend will be cooler as we dip back down to the 50s and another round of storms is expected on Saturday night into Sunday.

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