Shot fired into Kokomo home lands near sleeping baby

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KOKOMO, Ind. — A bullet fired into a Kokomo home landed just feet away from a sleeping baby.

“It could’ve gone anywhere. It could’ve hit anybody,” said Lillian Byers, the baby's great-grandmother.

Byers tells CBS4 her five young great-grandchildren were inside the Kokomo home Monday evening during the drive-by shooting. The oldest child is 8 years old.  The youngest is a 3-month-old baby.

“My first thing in mind were my kids. Where are my kids?” said Byers.

Kokomo police say the incident started with an argument at a store earlier in the day. The argument escalated around 5:30 p.m. when two women showed up to North Korby Street. The women continued to argue, and as one woman pulled away, one of them pulled the trigger.

“I want young people out here to understand, this is not the way to deal with it,” said Byers.

The bullet went through a bedroom wall and landed on the bed, near the 3-month-old baby. After the gunshot, a relative took the children into a back room, just in case the shooter returned and fired more shots.

“What if that had been your kids in this house? One of them could have got shot, got hurt,” said Byers.

It was way too close of a call and a situation Byers had a hard time trying to explain to her young grandson.

"He came running out and told me, 'Grandma, something fell in your room. I heard glass break,'" said Byers.

Less than five miles away, police tracked down Lauren Taylor and Breanna Collins and arrested them both. Byers is thankful her family is safe and wants others to realize gun violence isn’t how you solve problems.

“They got to realize this gun situation, the steps that they take in life are not the right steps,” said Byers.

Taylor is charged with criminal recklessness, attempted aggravated battery and attempted murder. Collins is charged with obstruction of justice.

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