3-month-old still in hospital after family beaten with baseball bats

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Two babies and several adults are recovering Tuesday night after police said they were hit with baseball bats on the near northeast side.

The family said a 3-month-old boy, Trayvonn Craig, was still hooked up to a ventilator after he was in surgery for several hours. A mom of a 9-month-old girl said her daughter was punched in the face, but she is going to be okay. On Tuesday afternoon, the baby girl was out of the hospital.

9-month-old girl

3-month-old Trayvonn

Larry Duerson, one of the victims and father of the baby girl, said they were just watching a movie at the apartment complex on the 3500 block of Baltimore Avenue. He claimed a group kicked down their door and began beating them with bats.

Duerson had a split lip and a few broken teeth.

"I was sitting on the floor, and they took the gun and just started hitting my face with the gun," he said.

Around 7 p.m. Monday, police say they were called to the apartment complex for a residential robbery.

Multiple people allegedly entered the home with baseball bats and began beating people, including infants.

Police aren't calling this a home invasion. They believe it is an isolated incident involving family members and acquaintances of the family.

Duerson claims the group of attackers is related to their mom's husband, who they have had problems with for years.

The baby girl's mom, Gabrielle Redmon, said she was also at the apartment and was hit with a bat while she tried to protect her baby. She told us the 3-month-old boy was knocked unconscious.

"I don’t care how much beef or drama there in the streets. Infants should never be touched," said China Duerson, sister of Larry.

China said she raced down from South Bend as soon as she heard about her nephew and niece.

Police said five people were sent to the hospital. IMPD believes there is no immediate threat to the public.

The victims are calling for justice as they hope Trayvonn pulls through too.

"I think they do need help if they can hit little babies," said Redmon.

A family member said they just moved into the apartment a few months ago, and now they are thinking about finding a new place.

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