Cool start to March expected to end cold and the 2019 Spring Flood Outlook


If you thought it has been a cool start to March you aren’t alone.  This year is the coolest start to a March in five years.  It also ties for the 46th coldest since 1871.

Indianapolis made it to 50° Monday for the 22nd day this year. Interestingly, the city averages 25 days (to date) where the temperature reaches at least 50°.  So we are running a couple days short for 50° days.

Temperatures at 6pm Monday.



The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has issued their 2019 Spring Flood Outlook.  Hoosiers may be glad to see that the vast majority of the state is in the “Minor” category.  Portions of extreme southwestern Indiana has been included in the “Moderate” category.

Spring Flood Outlook from NOAA

The outlook is broken down in to four categories: Minor, Moderate, Major, and Record.  The categories are defined as:

  • Minor: Minimal or no property damage, but possible some public threat.
  • Moderate: Some inundation of structures and roads near stream.  Some evacuations of people and/or transfer of property to higher elevations.
  • Major: Extensive inundation of structures and roads.  Significant evacuations of people and/or transfer of property to higher elevations.
  • Record: Flooding which equals or exceeds the highest stage or discharge observed at a given site during the period of record.

As you can see in the map, areas along the Mississippi River are expected to receive “Major” flooding this spring.  The same can be said for areas along the Missouri River in the Dakotas and Nebraska/western Iowa.


Rain returns to central Indiana starting Thursday.  We’ll carry a daily chance for rain through the start of the weekend.  However, know that each day does not look to have “all-day” rain.

A cold front is projected to pass through the state Saturday which will put an end to the rain, but will also kick out the above normal temperatures.  The 63° high in the 7-day forecast will occur early Saturday morning (pre-dawn).  Temperatures will likely be in the mid-40°s by afternoon.

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