‘You might as well keep it’: 180-year-old Carmel home to become development landmark

CARMEL, Ind. – A new Carmel development is sparing a 180-year-old home and instead turning it into a landmark.

The City Council approved a 165-home development to surround the Wilkinson Hull House. The structure dates back to the 1830s and is set back in the woods near Keystone Parkway and Smokey Row Road. It is one of the oldest homes in Carmel.

"The outside I think looks great," City Councilman Jeff Worrell said. "The inside you wouldn’t want to go in it. The structure is sound, and it will be beautiful when it’s restored."

The house has sat vacant for some time with part of the property being sold to build the Carmel High School football field. The home will now serve as a community center for historic education or meetings. Worrell likened it to a small museum within a development.

"One of our historical groups then will work and partner with the community on programing, and maintaining it, running it," Worrell said.

The Indiana Landmarks Foundation will work with the developer to restore the home.

The developers made concessions on the number of units, which used to approach roughly 200, and they're working with the city to increase the road capacity at 136th and Keystone.

"It's creating some slip lanes, some right turn only, left turn only that will help to move traffic who doesn’t want to be a part [of the roundabout]," Worrell said.

"This roundabout gets backed up in to the next one, and then it goes up from there," said Travis Youtsey, who lives in a neighborhood on the outskirts of the planned development. "I'm glad they are saving it. It's been around for a long time, you might as well keep it. Bring my kids by? Yeah, I’d go by and take a look.”

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