Resident pushes for speed bumps after out-of-control driver smashes 2 fences

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A woman on the near east side is pushing for speed bumps on her street after an out-of-control driver smashed through two fences last week.

One side of Phyllis Tjart’s fence was left in pieces, and her neighbor’s fence was completely destroyed. Tjart captured the driver of a maroon van flying down her sidewalk last Thursday, just feet from the front door, on a security camera.

“The police said that they had crashed into cars a block away,” Tjart said.

Other neighbors said the van also hit at least one front porch, and tire tracks were visible in several yards along Oxford Street on the near east side.

Tjart’s camera also picked up a police officer driving down the street minutes after the van blew through, though it was unclear if they caught the driver of the van. CBS4 Problem Solvers was awaiting more information from IMPD on Monday about the incident.

Tjart said this is not the first incident of vandalism on her street, and she’s hoping for change.

“I’m trying to get the city to put in speed bumps. I’m trying to get them to put in some lighting with some cameras (too), because sooner or later a little child’s going to get hit. They race up and down this street all the time,” Tjart said.

She’ll also have to pay to replace her fence. Tjart said police could only offer her advice to contact her homeowner’s insurance company for reimbursement.

“What can you do? You just (have) to do the best you can,” Tjart said. “This is a lot of hard work down the drain but it’s replaceable. At least they didn’t hit (any) kids.”

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