Much colder heading into the weekend

Comparing afternoons is a bit of a shock!  Thursday afternoon we hit 71, but Friday we'll continue to cool to 40.  The average high is actually right around 51, so we've been all over the place the last few days.

We had an active afternoon in southern Indiana.  These white lines indicate where we saw rotation on radar and the National Weather Service in Indianapolis wants to hear from anyone living along those tracks who may have storm reports.  So if you had tree or home damage, tweet your reports to @StarDerryWX or @NWSIndianapolis.

If you would like to learn more about severe weather as we head into that season, here's an idea for your Friday evening: the NWS is holding a spotter class in Seymour.  You'll learn all about how to spot the differences between different weather phenomena.

Wind gusts were over 50 mph in many spots on Thursday.

Winds have quieted down from yesterday, but it will remain somewhat windy all day Friday.

We're back behind the cold front now so expect to feel the chill.  We also have just enough of a disturbance to get a bit of wet weather midday Friday.

Temperatures were in the upper 40s shortly after midnight but will continue to slowly ease toward the upper 30s by Friday afternoon.  We'll be below freezing Friday night.

Light sprinkles with a few snowflakes are possible Friday.  Nothing is expected to stick so don't expect any shoveling, but if you're going out to lunch or during early school dismissals you'll want take along an umbrella.  We're expecting only a couple hundredths of an inch of rain.

Friday night will be dry and cold with lows into the mid 20s.  Clouds will continue to thin, leaving us with more sunshine on Saturday.

Saturday will be chilly but bright.  Normal highs are in the low 50s, but we'll only be in the low 40s to kick off the final weekend of winter.

St. Patrick's Day is on Sunday and it'll be chilly with a few sprinkles or flurries possible.  Dry and chilly Monday and Tuesday with rain for the first day of spring on Wednesday.

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