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CBS4 Problem Solvers: Man says private snow plow contractor caused road and property damage

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The city is working to address poor road conditions along Champions Drive after several calls from the CBS4 Problem Solvers.

Homeowners living in the Champion Village subdivision called for help after a private contractor Greentouch Services reportedly removed snow from their neighborhood in January.

“They started at the clubhouse down here and they went down both sides of the street,” Rick Roberts pointed out.

Roberts said when the pickup trucks dropped their plows, the plows tore up a bunch of asphalt.

“There were big patches of asphalt that were put down because of utility work, sewer work, electrical work and gas work,” he said.

As the trucks allegedly dragged the chunks of pavement down the street, it turned into smaller rocks and pebbles. People watched as debris flew into their driveways and yards.

“I think probably someone could have been hurt,” Roberts said. “I was totally surprised by it.”

Roberts showed CBS4 the mess that the trucks allegedly left behind. At least one piece measured 2.5 feet long and a foot wide. He then pointed out the cracked windshield in his truck.

“If I was to pick up one of those little pebbles, it matches exactly the indentation in my windshield,” he said.

Roberts said he called Greentouch Services and his homeowner’s association but that no one had responded the way he was expecting.

“They actually had the nerve to tell me on the phone that if I had a cracked windshield, that it was minimal damage and I should have no problem taking care of it,” he said. “I would like the damage taken care of.”

CBS4 called Greentouch Services. Reporter Angela Brauer mentioned how there were two issues at hand: one, being that the road remained a mess and two, Roberts’ windshield needing fixed. At first, an employee promised he would go out and clean up the debris. He couldn’t comment on the windshield damage.

Hours later, Greentouch Services’ insurance agent called. The representative said with no witnesses or proof as to what happened, they wouldn’t be willing to cover Roberts’ vehicle. Because Roberts’ insurance was liability-only, the financial obligation would be too much for him to file a claim. The spokesperson also said the debris was not Greentouch’s responsibility because they are hired to do snow removal, not to worry about the road conditions.

CBS4 then contacted the HOA. A spokesperson responded, claiming the HOA could not help with any of the damage or mess left behind. She said HOA board members had been contacting the city asking for crews to repair the potholes and patching for some time.

City County Councilor Michael McQuillen then got involved. He said he was not aware of the repair needs in that specific neighborhood. A Department of Public Works employee said the operations team would investigate. He said any necessary pothole repairs would be made as soon as scheduling and resources would allow.

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