Bloomington woman’s floor fixed after CBS4 Problem Solvers inquiry

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- After weeks of inaction, a Bloomington woman reached out to CBS4 Problem Solvers about her attempts to get her flooring fixed under an existing warranty.

Jill Taylor's laminate flooring started separating last summer, only four years after she had it installed, and despite a large stack of documents and meticulous notes, she said getting anyone to honor her warranty and replace the floor proved difficult.

"I had no one in my corner. I just had no one to go to bat for me," Taylor said.

Taylor did what her warranty said and called her retailer, Lowe's, to make a claim. She said employees did tell her they could help, but the claim dragged on.

"I was calling them two or three times a week," Taylor said.

CBS4 Problem Solvers contacted a Lowe's media representative and asked them to take a look at Taylor's case. Pretty soon, things started moving much faster, according to Taylor.

"I just had a flurry of calls from Lowe's corporate, their customer relations department," Taylor said. "They had an independent contractor ... come to assess the floor."

It turns out, the problems with Taylor's floor were covered under her warranty, despite the fact that the warranty wasn't easy to understand.

"It was a lot of legalese and it was very long, eight pages," Taylor said.

CBS4 Problem Solvers went to Betsy DeNardi, Director of the Consumer Protection Division of the Indiana Attorney General's Office. DeNardi said consumers often file complaints with the office about warranties, especially when a company denies a claim.

"Our consumer statute requires that your business practices be fair, but there’s nothing that defines what the term fair means," DeNardi said.

That means getting a company to honor a warranty can take a lot of time and effort. DeNardi suggests that you ask questions about the warranty when you buy a product, and make sure you understand it. You should also do what Taylor did, and save your paperwork and follow the instructions to make a claim.

Not long after the independent contractor assessed Taylor's floor, Lowe's sent a crew to fix it. This time around, Taylor said the floor looks much better. She even noticed a note on her work order, which said, "Make sure to be perfect on this one, boys!"

"I thought that was classic," Taylor said.

Taylor told CBS4 Problem Solvers that she was very satisfied with the crew's work and relieved that someone finally listened to her concerns.

"I just really feel like it's been done right. They ticked every box to make it right," Taylor said. "It was a lot of effort on everybody's parts and I so appreciate ... Problem Solvers for helping me with this."

The Lowe's representative who helped resolve Taylor's case sent this statement via email:

"Our absolute goal is customer service – it’s core to our business! So when a customer like Ms. Taylor has a concern, we want to move as quickly as possible to resolve the concern and exceed expectations where possible. We appreciate your bringing it to our attention and are so pleased Ms. Taylor is happy. Whether a customer begins with an associate or calls our contact center for assistance, our goal is their satisfaction and we WANT to hear their concerns," said Maureen Wallace, Lowe's Manager of Corporate Communications and Public Relations.

If you have a problem you'd like CBS4 Problem Solvers to consider, contact us at 317-677-1544 or

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