Challenging winter has many looking ahead to spring: ‘It’s been lingering for too long’

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – By now it feels like a broken record. More snow in the forecast means more headaches on the roads.

CBS4 spoke with several people Thursday who are so over this winter weather, they just want to skip spring and jump to summer.

“It’s been lingering for too long,” said Tamara Steen.

Teresa Fine said, “That groundhog sure didn’t know what he was talking about!”

“It was 50-degree weather and now we’re back to snow,” said Davonta Bailey.

“I am tired of wearing heavy coats,” said Beth Beyke.

Street crews say you’re not alone. They too are ready for a break after what they call a tedious season.

“It cannot get here fast enough,” said Travis Stetnish, the Street Superintendent in Westfield.

He says there’s been a lot of overtime. They’ve also had to rotate people through the public works department to help cover long 12-hour shifts.

“It has been challenging for them,” said Stetnish. “I tip my hat to my guys and the street crews and all the public works crews that have assisted, because they've worked tireless hours.”

DPW and INDOT have had trucks out plowing and pre-treating roads each freezing rain or snowfall. For INDOT, 200 trucks will be out this time around.

And for the DPW, “We’ll have 80 trucks throughout the night laying down salt, pretreating those roads and as snow starts to fall we’ll begin plowing so the morning commute isn’t messy,” said Public Information Officer Charnay Pickett.

They’re working through the night, so you’re safe. For Stetnish, he hopes this Winter Weather Advisory is the last of the season.

“These guys dedicate themselves, to be away from their families, to come out for the safety of the city,” said Stetnish.

Don’t forget you can track the progress of the plowing and salting happening around the city. The Indy Snow Force Viewer is active now. Click here to see what progress crews have made so far.

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