Man arrested in connection with 10 robberies from Indianapolis to Bloomington

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Police say an arrest has been made in connection with multiple business robberies.

Curtis White Jr., of Indianapolis, is accused of 10 robberies in Beech Grove, Shelbyville, Greenwood, Franklin and Bloomington. Police say they began the investigation in the first week of February due to a string of robberies involving a man with a knife.

White was taken into custody on Feb. 19. Police say he was involved in these robberies:

  • Dollar General-- 6908 S. Madison Ave.
  • Family Dollar-- 2931 Kentucky Ave.
  • Walgreen’s-- 5095 E. Thompson Rd.
  • Dollar General-- 5210 English Ave.
  • Dollar General-- 4060 S. Keystone Ave.
  • Walgreen’s-- 1808 Albany St. (Beech Grove)
  • Dollar General-- Franklin, IN
  • Dollar General-- Bloomington, IN
  • Dollar General-- Greenwood, IN
  • Dollar General-- Shelbyville, IN

“The help of the news media and the public, in a large part, are the things that kind of break the case open," Captain Robert Mercuri of the Beech Grove Police Department said. "Thanks to the news media and the public for putting this out there, letting people know these are tied together."

Workers at these locations are getting some relief that a suspect is behind bars. We spoke with one clerk, who asked to remain anonymous.  She said her interaction with the suspect still haunts her.

“He came up toward the front said he forgot some milk," she began to describe. “As soon as he set it down, and I went down to bag it and ring it, next thing I know I had a knife to me, and he had a gun. He told me that if I did not empty out my register, and he had to pull out the gun, I was not going home. People say if something was to happen, they would do this and that, but it's totally different when it happens to you.”

Beech Grove Police said there were patterns in how the robberies were carried out, and at times the suspect had the same outfit on.

"Even going to the grocery store, somebody has a hoodie on, it freaks me out," the clerk said.

CBS4 has reached out to police for the specific dates on which these crimes occurred.

Anyone with information is asked to please call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS (8477).

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