21-year-old Greenfield man running for mayor

GREENFIELD, Ind. — Most 21-year-olds are busy focusing on their studies. A lot of students don’t have time for much more, but Zachary LaFavers is an exception.

He’s gearing up to run for mayor of Greenfield. He’s an Anderson University student and an Indiana Army National Guardsman.

“People are going to watch this story and think ‘What is this 21-year-old or soon to be 22-year-old thinking running for mayor?’” CBS4’s Aaron Cantrell said.

“Well, I’ve gotten ‘what’s this 19-year-old thinking about running for County Council? What’s this 20- year-old running for County Commissioner?’” LaFavers said.

Lafavers’ military career has sent him to places all over the world. He’s been to Europe and to Guantanamo Bay, where he was deployed for 10 months.

“It allowed me to mature emotionally, physiologically, and mature physically. It really gave me the opportunity to open my potential in what I can do and how I can grow,” LaFavers said.

He said through all his travels nothing has felt more like home than Greenfield. He believes he can make his “home” a better place.

“I think that we’re right on track. I just think there are a few steps we can take to speed the process up,” LaFavers said.

LaFavers wants to work on economic growth.

“We’re a small business and common man type of community. We aren’t really a flashy city, but in regards to Indianapolis, Carmel, Noblesville. I want to bring in what those cities bring in economically in regards to small business, but I don’t want the other bad habits to follow,” LaFavers explained.

He also wants to focus on building a bigger jail for Hancock County. He admits being the mayor of Greenfield is a huge task, but it’s one he feels prepared for.

“A lot of young people nowadays believe that they’re sort of indestructible. They don’t really have any time to look at other people and their thoughts. They’re focused on their own way. I think I have a different mindset,” LaFavers said.

LaFavers is running as a fiscal conservative Democrat. To learn more about LaFavers, click here.

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