INDOT: Low temperatures slowed down road treatment in central Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – It was a slow and sometimes dangerous commute Friday morning on the interstates. Things were slow-going because many of the roads were still covered with snow.

"It was a 20 minute drive this morning and it took me an hour," said Eric Hall, a visitor from Ohio.

Indiana State Police said they responded to more than 115 crashes in Indianapolis and more than 30 slide-offs.

"Every single crash we have worked today has been a preventable crash," said Sgt. John Perrine with ISP.

Five semis were piled up on I-70 late Thursday night. A few hours later, a person died after crashing into the back of a salt truck in Hendricks County. ISP believes the driver lost control of the car.

Then, a few slipped off the road in Greenwood Friday afternoon.

"4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive often gives people a false sense of ability," said Perrine.

Mallory Duncan with the Indiana Department of Transportation said they had 50 trucks out in the metro area at 5 p.m. Thursday night. They were salting before they plowed. By 8 p.m., she said they had a full call out, which is 60 trucks. That is when crews began a 12-hour shift.

Still, the interstates were covered with snow by the morning commute.

"Our pavement temperatures were in the teens overnight and that meant the snow fell and it stuck," said Duncan. "They were plowing the snow away. Cars would drive down the wind would come and go right back onto the road."

By 11 a.m. on Friday, stretches of I-65 south near downtown were still unpaved. It was the same thing at 71st Street.

"Our salt is not as effective on the roads at 15 degrees," Duncan said.

It was a night and day comparison around the city's center by noon on Friday which was a relief for everyone before the evening commute.

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