Crews gear up for more winter weather

A snowplow in action during last weekend's storm. (Photo: INDOT)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- Roads crews are getting a quick break from the winter weather Thursday, and they’ll need it to gear up for what is coming this weekend.

Another round of snow and ice is expected to pound central Indiana starting early Saturday morning.

“Ahead of Saturday’s forecast we’ve been meeting,” said DPW spokeswoman Charnay Pickett, “once that hits us, we have meetings prepared every day up until then since it is a bigger weather system.”

Indianapolis DPW crews are looking ahead, as is INDOT, taking advantage of Thursday’s above-freezing temperatures.

“We’re in a wait and see mode right now,” said INDOT spokesman Scott Manning. “For the rest of Thursday and overnight, it looks like we do have some lingering rain chances but temperatures are above freezing.”

That’s a good thing as they get ready for Saturday’s snowfall, monitoring forecasts and checking the latest road data.

“We’ll look at all that, start formulating our plan for the weekend, determining how many drivers we’ll have on the roads, when they’ll be activated, how long they’ll stay out,” said Manning.

In terms of salt, both agencies say there have plenty in reserves thanks to this winter being less active than usual.

“We’re fully stocked,” said Pickett. “We’re always topping off our salt barn after every major event where we’re laying down now…so I think as of right now we’ve got over 14,000 tons of salt– we’re ready to go.”

INDOT also said it’s prepared for whatever happens in the coming days.

“We’ll also be working on equipment and doing any repairs or maintenance that we need to do to make sure our fleet is in good shape for another round of winter weather,” said Manning.

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