Cutting through the hype of possible snow storm late this week

There is all kinds of hype spreading around on social media from social mediaologists concerning a “mega snow storm” coming late this week.

Everyone take a deep breath. Every time there is a decent snow the social mediaologists start running to the hills saying there is a 30″ snow storm coming next week. Yada, yada, yada. Yes, the Midwest had a decent snow storm come through the last couple of days.

Lets talk about the facts:

  • Computer models are projecting an area of low pressure developing and moving over the Midwest going in to next weekend. And as typically happens, the low will bring precipitation to the Midwest.
  • Could some see snow? Yes
  • Could some see rain? Yes
  • Do we know what you’ll get? No
  • Do we know how many snowflakes or rain drops will fall on your roof? No
  • Should you change your plans for next weekend? No
  • Should you go out and buy all the milk, eggs and bread from the stores tomorrow for a potential storm six days away? Absolutely not.

Here is the only thing we know for sure. The upper-level energy computer models project will produce the storm is out over the Pacific Ocean having just come off the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Russian Far East, or approximately 5,200 miles away from Indiana.

There are approximately 166 computer model runs that will spit out forecasts over the next week. The storm may or may not appear in all 166 model runs. Computer models will probably come up with 150 different solutions for the storm’s track.

Do know we will continue to keep an eye on it. We will continue to update the forecast each day.  If indeed this is something that will impact central Indiana you can be rest assured that we will provide you with the most accurate forecast possible.


Long range data suggests we will tap in to colder northern Canada air starting the second half of the weekend and in to the beginning of the following week.

Computer model projection of upper-level winds and temperatures at the surface.

If we have any kind of snow pack on the ground, which I think we should, temperatures could drop to below zero early next week.  Stay tuned!

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