‘Thankful we weren’t here’: Large tree smashes through near east side home

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - A family of six is searching for a place to live after a massive tree came crashing through the roof of their home on New Year's Eve.

When Mike and Cindi Hale moved to the city, they wanted to do more to help people in need.  They worked at Wheeler Mission, but felt that they wanted to do more.  The pair adopted four siblings from foster care, with each child living with special needs.

“We are glad to have them, all four together," Cindi Hale said.

The family came home from the movies on New Year's Eve to find that their roof was smashed in. A large tree fell in the alley behind their home, and came blasting through their house on the near east side.

“It was always leaning that direction, so I thought if it's gonna go, it's gonna go toward the house," Mike Hale said.

The tree ruined the families only full bathroom, as well as the master and children's bedrooms. All six family members are left to live and sleep in the living room.  They are showering at a relative's home.

“The tree was weighing on the house, so at any moment, we didn’t know if the house was going to collapse," Cindi Hale said.

One night, Cindi and Mike stayed at the home, while the children slept at their grandparents' home.

“We stayed here with the generator and no heat, no water, no electricity,” they said

A structural engineer will be there on Thursday to see if the house can be remodeled, or if it needs to be knocked down and rebuilt.

In the meantime, the family is searching for a place to rent.  The Hale's say they are forever thankful for the support from their community.  A GoFundMe has been set up to help them with the costs of relocating during renovations.


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