Authorities credit good Samaritans with helping woman after Putnam County crash

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Putnam County deputies are crediting a few good Samaritans for saving a woman's life after a serious accident on Sunday. The county sheriff's office said strangers helped her while the car was on fire.

Deputies said a woman in her 60s drove off the road, hit a tree and landed in a creek. Deputy David Ducker said the driver did not know why she lost control of the car.

Mark Ramsey was on his way to church with his family. That is when he saw a woman drive off CR550 North at the Putnam County/Hendricks County line. She launched about 30 yards and hit a tree before landing in the creek.

"We can see a car in the air and we know this isn’t good," said Ramsey.

Ramsey did not hesitate to help her while the car was on fire. Other bystanders quickly joined him.

"I found a fender from her car was laying nearby. I was able to pick that up and scoop water up into the hood," he said.

He does not feel like he had a choice because they were the only ones there. Deputy Ducker strongly believes this could have been much worse if Ramsey and the others did not stop to help.

"I would love to say thank you to them. They pretty much saved a life absolutely," said Deputy Ducker.

Deputy Ducker thought it could have taken a while to find the woman in the creek if Ramsey was not there. There is not a lot of traffic on this road. Ramsey though is not calling himself a hero.

"For the emergency responders who do this on purpose every single day those are the real heroes the people that really make a difference," he said.

Deputies said the woman was sent to the hospital with serious injuries. They are all wishing her the best.

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