Hancock County residents concerned after 2 dogs found shot in field

HANCOCK COUNTY, Ind. – A Greenfield resident is pleading for answers after finding two dogs shot and dumped in a field.

This story is gaining a lot of attention on social media. The Facebook post has more than 800 shares and hundreds of comments since John Jester posted on Sunday.

It’s a picture of two dogs who have been shot and killed.  Jester added a long message to his community saying he wants to speak to the person who did this.

Comments on the Facebook post go on to say things like, “Terribly sad, and heartless.”

“Most people are angry and a couple of them have wanted to go out hunt the people themselves,” said Jester.

We’re not showing the picture Jester posted.  However, we can tell you it shows two small dogs, lifeless in a pile of leaves.

As former Police Chief of Greenfield, Jester is no stranger to crime. But he says, he’s never dealt with something like this.

“To take them out into a field, shoot them in the head and just leave them for someone else to deal with, I don’t think that was right,” he said.

Jester says in his Facebook post, he did see the car the shooter was driving and a trail camera near-by might have caught the act.

, “I can’t tell you why this person destroyed these dogs but there’s other options out there. The most important part, why leave them out on someone else’s property?” Jester added.

That’s why he wanted to share the unsettling photo online, to show his community there are other options.   Pet owners can contact an animal shelter or animal management for help.

“They might have not been able to financially support these dogs, this might have been their only way out, maybe it’s a chance to educate somebody on some other ways to handle it,” said Jester.

If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t take care of your animals or pets, you can contact the Greenfield’s animal management by calling 317-477-4367.

Jester asks the community if you know anything about this crime to contact the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office at 317-477-4400.

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