Burglar breaks into Muncie business on Christmas Eve through the roof

MUNCIE, Ind. — A man was arrested after allegedly breaking into a Muncie business on Christmas Eve by going through the roof...and it wasn’t Santa.

Police say it was 33-year-old Seth Williams.

Police said Seth Williams brought his own ladder and climb up onto the roof. They said he made his way over to the metal siding and pulled it back to break into Mr. Bid Auctions.

Business owner Troy McElfresh said it was a flash of light inside that alerted him that something was wrong on Christmas Eve.

Surveillance video shows the light being shined down from the attic and then the hooded man makes his way down the steps.

Eventually, the man discovers the camera and turns it off. "It’s upsetting and it’s tiresome. You feel violated at the time,” Mr. Bid Auctions owner Troy McElfresh explained.

McElfresh called police as soon as he realized someone was trying to steal from the auction house. He said police had the building surrounded with-in minutes.

"He had pulled himself back to the back area and tried to hide underneath the trash bags back there that are full of books,” McElfresh said.

McElfresh found a knife, watch and a ring laying in the spot where Williams was hiding. He believes Williams was trying to steal them before getting caught.

"I work hard for what I do and you work hard for what you do. Why take advantage of other people and take their items from them?  You know just so you can enjoy it yourself. I don’t get it,” McElfresh said.

Being a former state trooper, it was hard for McElfresh to sit back and simply watch police arrest Williams.

"I had to step back and look at it you know as a civilian more or less and let the police do their job, but it’s someone else’s turn," McElfresh explained.

Williams has been charged with burglary and is being held on a $5,000 bond.

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