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Man gets stuck in ceiling after robbing convenience store on Indy’s southeast side, police say

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A man tried to rob a convenience store on the southeast side of Indianapolis overnight, but he ended up getting stuck in the ceiling.

Police got a call about a shooting at the Xpress Pantry on State Avenue around 1:30 a.m.

When IMPD arrived, they found out a man tried to rob the convenience store clerk with a knife.

Someone called police and officers quickly surrounded the store.

When the robber realized he had nowhere to go, he decided to escape into the ceiling.

Everyone made it out of the store safely, but the robber remained holed up inside.

SWAT responded and they tried to get the man to come out of the store for hours.

Once police were inside the store, they saw the man’s feet dangling from the ceiling. He was stuck.

The robber surrendered at that time.

He had to be looked at by medics because of some scuffs he got from climbing up in the ceiling. Then he was taken to jail. He’s facing robbery charges. Police have not released his name to us yet.

Unfortunately, this store has been robbed a lot in the past. The most recent robbery before today occurred last week. There was also a robbery the week before that.

We asked police why they think it’s been targeted so much ­­– three times just this month.

IMPD says the store is in a secluded area, and it isn’t near a lot of other businesses.

They think it may be a quick in-and-out for crooks. It’s also not far from the interstate.

Police are looking into whether the suspect from tonight’s robbery is responsible for three others at the store in the past couple of months.

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