Indiana’s Very Own: Colts concierge keeps VIPs comfortable on game day

His business is people, catering a taste of the good life.

James Payne is concierge for the Indianapolis Colts and game day host to the rich, famous and powerful.

“I wanted to be an experiential guy. Better than the mouse. Better than any NFL franchise,” James Payne said.

And his clients?

“They’re everyone from the owner of this NFL franchise, Mr. Irsay, to the largest sponsor’s name on the building to the VIP who’s 5 or 6 years old. Those are my favorite.”

On this particular game day he’s set up a masseuse and set up chauffeured transportation to the game for Crew Car Wash owner Bill Dahm and his guests in a field-level suite.

“This concierge service is unbelievable,” Dahm said.

“It not only makes it easy on us as suite hosts to come and just enjoy the game and enjoy the people that are here, but it relaxes everybody else," said Carla Hayden, Dahm's executive assistant.

Payne teaches the Colts rookies table etiquette, hosts international fans from places like India and Denmark and serves everyday fans like the veteran who bought a counterfeit ticket.

“I went up to see Mr. Lucas and he laughed and said why isn’t he with you? He said ‘Go get him,’” said Payne.

“And Mr. Lucas gave him a big hug, let his son put on Mr. Lucas’ own Super Bowl ring. And if you could’ve seen that soldier shedding tears that day.”

People are Payne’s passion. And your pleasure is his priority.

“God has had an unusual sense of grace on me. A guy who couldn’t spell concierge is the NFL’s first concierge, a Colts concierge and a Super Bowl concierge. You can’t make that up.”

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