City-County Councilman falls victim in series of garage door smash and grabs

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Several homeowners in a near east side neighborhood woke up Thursday to find they had fallen victim to a series of smash and grabs.

Indianapolis police say the suspects used a vehicle to break into garage doors around Willard Park. Neighbors say nearly a dozen garage doors were damaged during the crime spree overnight.

“I suspect what they did was push the garage door in with their car or truck or whatever. They smashed the door and made entrance into the garage,” said Zach Adamson.

Adamson, who serves as vice president of the Indianapolis City-County Council, says after his garage door was demolished, thousands of dollars of tools were stolen.

“People have break-ins, but not like this,” said Adamson.

At least five garage doors on Adamson’s alley were destroyed, with several others on surrounding streets as well.

“Obviously it’s frustrating. Twelve homes is a lot of damage, not to mention just replacing the garage door itself,” said Adamson.

“They just made a mess and we're getting to them as fast as we can,” said John Walke with Broad Ripple Overhead Doors.

Walke says the repairs will cost many of the homeowners $1,500 or more and says in his experience as a repairman, the number of break-ins is unusual.

“I've never seen where somebody went through and did a whole neighborhood before, but you never know these days,” said Walke.

In the meantime, Adamson says steps are being taken to make sure no one on his street falls victim again.

“I know a lot of neighbors are working more diligently to get cameras back here so we can keep track of what's going on,” said Adamson.

So far no arrests have been made in any of the cases. Anyone with information on any suspects is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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