Teenage suspect dead after shooting at Dennis Intermediate School in Richmond

New software coming to Madison County 911 center to speed up medical assistance

ANDERSON, Ind. – A binder filled with basic medical procedures will soon be replaced with a computer program at Madison County Central Dispatch.

The center for the county’s 911 system has had a guide of roughly 100 pages filled with a variety of medical procedures to help a caller. It’s part of a state mandate that 911 centers provide emergency medical dispatching, according to Madison County Central Dispatch Executive Director Brent Jensen.

His office has used the binder system since 2015. Coming up with an updated way of getting the information made sense.

“It’s kind of a clumsy system,” Jensen admitted.

Dispatchers all have access to a binder, but it’s not easy to multitask with when trying to help someone over the phone and relay crucial information to first responders.

“It does feel outdated,” said Jensen. “Especially considering there are eight computer screens in front of a dispatcher.”

The county recently decided to spend $70,000 to install software that will do the job while keeping a dispatcher’s eyes on the computer screen. The Indiana 911 board is covering the expense of training dispatchers, which costs roughly $35,000.

The software is called the PowerPhone Total Response System.

“The PowerPhone system will automatically pull up CPR instructions on the computer but simultaneously send that over to a fire dispatcher to get the appropriate fire and ambulance response to them,” said Jensen.

Jensen said his team will start training on the new software in January. The software will be installed sometime between March and April.

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