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City asks residents to report potholes as temperatures change

Standing inside pothole on 59th St. near Moller Rd.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Warmer temperatures, rain, and a refreeze could create more potholes across the city and the Department of Public Works is asking residents to report them quickly.

Eight DPW crews were out Friday, working to fill about 140 open pothole complaints. (See the Indy Pothole Viewer)

“If you report those to us, that’s how we know where they’re located,” said Charnay Pickett, public information officer for DPW. “It’s just really important, because you don’t want to miss any.”

But there’s another good reason to make the call.

As we reported earlier this year, the city only reimburses drivers for vehicle damage if the pothole that caused the damage has previously been reported and DPW has been given adequate time to fill it.

Most claims get denied.

City officials say they received 1,317 pothole damage claims so far in 2018. Of those, only 13 claims totaling $2,894.28 were granted. They rejected 1,148 claims.

You can report a pothole by calling the Mayor’s Action Line at (317) 327-4622 or do it online by clicking here.

If you notice a pothole on the highway or interstate, please visit INDOT‘s website or call (317) 1-855-463-6848.

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