Indiana’s top holiday candy has changed for 2018

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – It appears Hoosiers’ tastes have evolved when it comes to Christmas candy this year.

A year ago, Candy Store said the top three holiday candies in Indiana were Snickers, candy canes and Starburst.

But that’s changed for 2018! To track this year’s trends, the online candy retailer compiled more than 30,000 survey responses nationwide and checked with candy manufacturers to get their input.

That means Indiana has a new holiday candy champion: Reese’s Cup Minis. Hoosiers weren’t alone in their fondness for the bite-sized combination of peanut butter and chocolate: nine other states also declared the miniature peanut butter cups as their favorite. Last year, just three states made Reese’s Cups their top holiday pick.

Not to quibble with the folks at Candy Store—it’s a fine candy choice, no doubt—but it seems the folks who put together the survey fear Indiana is still stuck in the ‘80s. From their analysis of Indiana:

Indiana has a new winner this year. Reese’s Cup Minis. These things are taking over the country.

Indiana may come off as conservative, but it really has a lot going for it. Indy 500, Notre Dame football, Indiana Hoosier Basketball, Stranger Things, The Upside Down. Ok, Indiana had a lot going for it in the 80s. But glory once again crowns this Midwest state as Reese’s Cups are truly majestic!

Runners up in Indiana were the same as in 2017: candy canes and Starburst.

As for some other trends, Pez had a strong showing last year, with eight states regarding it as their top candy. That appeared to be a bit of a fluke, as Pez only appeared as the top candy in three states for 2018.

You can find the list of favorite holiday candy by state at

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