Dead tree removed one week after couple’s desperate plea for help

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- A couple living on the west side called CBS4 Problem Solvers pleading for help to remove a dead tree they believed was in danger of falling on their home.

Kathy and Dave Titara said they were at their wits' end after months of discussions with their mobile home park managers over the tree.

"My husband goes to bed every night praying that this tree's not going to fall," Kathy Titara said.

The tree, which CBS4 Problem Solvers went to see the week before Thanksgiving, was clearly dead and needed to be taken down. Kathy said a branch that recently landed on the couple's home hit hard enough to dislodge their upper cabinets.

"We shouldn't have to live like this," she said.

After hearing various explanations about plans for removal, Dave said he had recently been told it might taken even longer to remove the tree than the couple had expected.

"It’s like we’re playing games or like we’re kidding or something about this tree and I’m not, I want it down," he said.

CBS4 Problem Solvers went to work for the couple, contacting their property manager to ask what was going on. The property manager acknowledged that the tree did need to come down, and said it was slated to be removed as part of a group of trees that had already been bid out to a contractor.

"It's really been about getting on (the company's) schedule and getting the weather to cooperate," the manager said. "It's at the top of the list."

One week later, the Titaras' wish was granted when a crew showed up and removed the tree in less than an hour.

"I was singing on my way home, 'The tree is gone!'" Dave said.

"You can physically feel the relief of the stress, I mean it was that massive," Kathy said.

The tree came down just in time for the couple to host their family for Thanksgiving. Kathy said she believed it was her call to CBS4 Problem Solvers that gave the final push they needed to get the tree taken down.

"You made all the difference and we appreciate it so much," she said. "You said yes when everyone else said no."

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